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Eating & Drinking

Eat & Drink

Despite it’s small size, Guernsey has a thrilling variety of places to eat. Enjoy snacking on a freshly-picked crab sandwich from a beach kiosk overlooking the bay, or savour a wonderful meal cooked with seasonal produce and locally reared meat. When it comes to food and drink islanders are rightfully proud of their local produce. Guernsey's seafaring heritage, combined with a temperate climate, bountiful ocean and arguably the best dairy products in the world, make the island a gourmet’s paradise. Sark lamb and Herm beef are renowned for their succulence, and there are many traditional and contemporary twists on vegetarian fare available.

Guernsey also hosts a variety of food festivals during the year, including the Guernsey International Food Festival and the well-established Tennerfest during the month of October. The International Food Festival offers events for all the family, from live chef demonstrations, interactive events, markets and plenty of fantastic promotions in restaurants and cocktail bars.

Whatever you fancy, whether it be a quiet restaurant with a sea view, a tucked away spot for an alfresco lunch, or somewhere with an electric atmosphere for a celebratory meal, we have lots of suggestions to offer!

Guernsey International Food Festival

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